This is Eir Ventures

Eir Ventures is a life sciences venture capital fund investing in private companies with stellar entrepreneurs developing transformative therapeutic approaches. Optimal and responsible value creation for companies and investors is obtained by working closely with our portfolio companies. We contribute our company building and management expertise, strategic thinking and our extensive networks to drive healthcare innovation to the benefit of patients, healthcare systems, investors and society.

The Eir Ventures team has a truly international experience base and we have committed our entire professional lives to impacting people’s health by engaging in innovative medicine that has the potential to prevent, cure or alleviate disease.

We believe that the Nordics represents a unique investment opportunity with high return potential due to an imbalance between the abundance of medical innovation and the scarcity of professional capital.

The Fund takes its name from the goddess Eir, who in old norse mythology was the goddess of health, well-being and medicine.

Eir Ventures is backed by leading local and international institutional investors and, uniquely,  by leading Nordic universities.