Galecto Biotech

Galecto Biotech develops new therapies for fibrotic diseases and inflammation based on inhibition of Galectins.

The Company is based on seminal research from Lund University, Sweden, exploring the role of a group of proteins called Galectins. The lead program is in late stage clinical development and addresses a novel therapeutic target for Ideopatic Pulmonary Fibrosis called Galectin-3. Additional programs targets other fibrotic diseases. Galecto listed on NASDAQ (US) in October 2020 and trades under the ticker symbol GLTO.

IO Biotech

IO Biotech is developing immune therapies i.e. checkpoint/cancer vaccines as new cancer therapies worlijng synergistically with existing therapy.

The company is founded by leading clinical researches at Herlev Hospital in Denmark who showed in clinical trials in lung cancer patients that their proprietary checkpoint/cancer vaccines provided more than 3x increased survival. The company’s lead program is in phase II in melanoma, and additional programs targets head and neck cancers, lung cancer as well as other cancer indications.

Sortina Pharma

Sortina develops new first in class therapies for treatment of aggressive cancers such as triple negative breast cancer.


Sortina is a spin-out of Gotenborg University. The company develops new first in class therapies inhibiting sortilins, a group of molecules playing a key role in metastasis and growth of aggressive cancers. Sortina is currently in early development, optimizing its small molecule sortilin inhibitors before entering pre-clinical studies.


Synklino develops a new treatment that can eradicate CMV virus infection, a significant problem in transplant patients.

The company is based on research from Copenhagen University and the Technical University of Denmark. Synklino’s lead molecule, Syn002, targets a receptor called US28, which is expressed by cells infected with CMV virus. US28 is found in both latent and lytic infection, and thus Syn002 provide an effective treatment in all stages of the disease. The program is currently in pre-clinical development.